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    Y me quede como una estúpida viento esto hahah

    Oh mi dios! y yo que pierdo como a los 10 segundos =(


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    Cartoon Network Forever : ]

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    Cartoon Network Forever : ]


  6. "Se conocieron en un laberinto. Desde entonces están deseando salir juntos."
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    As millions of years pass, fish build on their basic design. The muscles around their backbone evolve into a powerful tail and fins appear. They evolve a distinct head. He may not look like you or I, but this odd fish is becoming a blueprint for our own bodies. 

    Walking with Dinosaurs was popular enough to inspire a stage performance, many spin-offs, and now a re-make. My favorite of these is the prequel Walking with Monsters: Life Before Dinosaurs. It is a 3-part series that tells the tale of evolution and life in the Paleozoic. 

    This is how we went from simple little swimming creatures to taking our first steps on land. A glorious moment in history.

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    can i please check my e-meow?

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